Traffic-free Tropical Paradise

Welcome to Gili Air

Gili Air is located in the Bali Sea and is one of the three famous “Gilis”. From the three islands, Gili Air is closest to the northwest coast of the Indonesian island of Lombok. With just 20 minutes by boat from Lombok or 2 hours from Bali, the small island is easy and quick to reach (see “How to get here“).

Since the Gilis are close to the equator, the tropical climate has an average air temperature of 28 degrees and a water temperature between 26 and 30 degrees throughout the year.

Sunrise on Gili Air

The seasons are characterized by the dry season (from May to October) and the rainy season (from November to April). However, as a result of global climate change, the seasons may shift. But also in the rainy season the Gilis benefit from a drier microclimate than the rest of Indonesia, as the islands are protected by the large volcanoes Gunung Rinjani on Lombok and Gunung Agung in Bali.

On all three Gilis there is no motorized traffic, which creates a wonderful atmosphere of calm and deceleration. You can walk on foot, with the bike or the Cidomo – the horse-drawn carriage.

Cidomos – Gili Airs only taxis

In the local language Sasak Gili “small island” and Air “water”. The small “water island” is the only one of the three Gilis that has ground water. With about 1500 inhabitants it is the most populated of the three islands. Like the majority in Lombok, the inhabitants of the three Gilis also belong to the Islamic faith.

Gili Air offers the best compromise of the three islands: you will find the relaxation and charm of Gili Meno and a bit of the nightlife of Gili Trawangan.

In a 90-minute walk, the island can be comfortably rounded or explored by bicycle. Depending on the tide you can snorkel from the beach and visit the sea turtles that live here, or just lie on the beach and enjoy the sweet idleness.

One of many turtles around the Gili Islands

In the morning you can take a look at the impressive volcano Rinjani on the east coast with yoga or a cup of coffee. Depending on the season this can also be climbed in a 2 or 3 day trip. In the evening you can enjoy a sunset drink and a good view to the volcano Agung in Bali. Afterwards you can have a nice meal in one of the many local and international restaurants.

Gili Air is a quiet island, but you can find a small selection of beach bars and in the high season one or other live concert or open air cinema.

There are diving and freediving schools, yoga, spas, cooking classes, some small boutiques and “Aunt-Emma” shops and several ATMs on Gili Air.