Activities in your Villa

Floating Tray

Enjoy a bottle of Champagne or cold Prosseco in your pool. Perfect for celebrating a very special event.
Enjoy your breakfast in your swimming pool. Perfect to start the day in the best way.

Private Chef

Fancy a culinary show in your villa? Book your own chef at home!
Laura has worked in several countries and restaurants in Indonesia. Full of good humor, she will make your evening memorable and delight your taste buds.
(Only available in the two-bedroom villa)

Massage in your Villa

Enjoy a massage in front of your private pool. It is possible to be massaged together at the same time. Relax and we take care of everything!
Duration 1 hour.

Activities on the Gili Islands

Snorkeling Trip around the 3 Gilis

Explore the 3 Gilis on a private boat. You will see turtles in the best snorkeling spots around the Gilis (Gili Trawangan, Meno and Air). Enjoy lunch on a beach in Gili Meno (not included).
Mask, snorkel and fins included. Turtles guaranteed. Duration of the trip: between 4 and 5 hours.
All you have to do is jump in the water.


The Gilis are known to have a very rich seabed and particular currents. Scuba diving is the flagship activity of the Gilis. If you have never dived or are already an expert. You will find around Gili Air many diving centers.


With the help of 2 wings, you are pulled by a boat to discover the seabed. By activating these wings you can turn, dive and ascend without the slightest effort. The trip lasts between 3 and 4 hours and you will do 2 sessions of 25 minutes of subwing around Gili Trawangan.

Horse Riding

The sunset is a unique moment. It’s called the golden hour. Whatever your level, you can spend this hour riding along the Weast beach of Gili on the back of your horse.

Sunset on a Boat

Who has never dreamed of seeing a sunset on a boat, accompanied by their partner. Set off in your small local fishing boat with your private captain. You can first do some snorkeling spots and then admire the sunset directly over the ocean.


Gili Air has no motorized vehicles which gives it a lot of charm and is very soothing. The practice of yoga is perfect with these conditions. Early in the morning or before sunset you can do 1.5h of yoga. Beginners and experts are welcome.

Kitchen Classes

Indonesian and Sasak (from Lombok) cuisine is full of surprises and flavor. Come,learn & taste the basics of this cuisine with a local chef.
Activities on Lombok

Discover Trip to Lombok

Discover Lombok with a private driver who will take you to magnificent and atypical places.
Start from Gili Air with a speed boat that will take you to join your private driver for the day.
Possible program :
– Monkey Forest
– Traditional market
– Hindu Temple
– Waterfalls
Ready to explore Lombok?

Trip to in the Southern Gilis

The meaning of Gili is small island in Indonesian. There are several Gilis in South Lombok that are lesser known and even wilder. Depart from Gili Air by private speed boat. The trip lasts between 1h30 and 2h to discover the seabed around these islands (Gili Nanggu, Tangkong and Sudak).


In Lombok, just opposite Gili Air, there is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Take a boat to arrive directly on the beach of the golf course. Are you ready to make your best swing?